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Tremblay v. OpenAI

In Tremblay v. OpenAI, the named plaintiffs were authors who have registered copyrights in several books. The plaintiffs brought a proposed class action suit against OpenAI for direct and vicarious copyright infringement, DMCA violation, unfair competition and negligence. The plaintiffs alleged that OpenAI made copies of the books, made derivative works, publicly displayed, and/or distributed those copies or derivative works. The complaint identified that ChatGPT was able to generate fairly accurate summaries of books written by the plaintiffs, suggesting that the model had ingested and retained them. The complaint seeks relief on behalf of all authors whose books were copied as part of the training data set for ChatGPT.

In August 2023, OpenAI filed a motion to dismiss and the plaintiffs moved to relate this case to another case against OpenAI, Chabon v. OpenAI.

LAST UPDATED 10/14/2023