A dithered abstract image with lines.

Registration of “SURYAST”

The Review Board of the Copyright Office affirmed the Copyright Office’s rejection of the registration of an image generated using RAGHAV, a 2-D image application. The image was generated by the claimant Ankit Sahni who inputted his own photograph as a base image and transferred style from Vincent van Gogh’s artwork through the program. The Office refused to register the work because it lacked the human authorship necessary to support a copyright claim, extending its uniform rejection of AI-generated outputs. See Thaler v. Perlmutter. The Review Board of the USCO maintained that it would register a work that contains sufficient human authorship, but that this work lacked “the expressive elements of pictorial authorship” provided by the claimant. The Review Board refused to recognize that RAGHAV was used as “an assistive tool” akin to a camera or photo-editing software subject to creative decisions by the author and further noted that the inputted choices made by Sahni merely constituted unprotectable ideas for the work.

LAST UPDATED 02/12/2024