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A.T. v. OpenAI

In A.T. v. OpenAI, users are suing OpenAI for allegedly violating federal (ECPA) and state (CIPA) wiretapping laws by collecting user data when they input content into ChatGPT or into third-party websites’ search features that have integrated ChatGPT APIs. Users are also alleging that OpenAI violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 (CFAA), a federal anti hacking law, for the same action of collecting their user data (especially their metadata) when using ChatGPT and ChatGPT plugins on third party websites. They argue that OpenAI effectively hacks users’ platform access, exceeding user’s authorized access for OpenAI when using ChatGPT, and intercepts their private information (i.e., user data) without their knowledge or consent.

LAST UPDATED 10/17/2023